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Features Corporate Housing Units Affordable


Corporate housing is the best option for business travelers who must live away from home, from 1 month to one year.

This housing option is an intermediate one between the vacationers who need short-term rentals (from a few days to 2 weeks) and the long term renters, who look for leases longer than one year.

For a business traveler who has to spend a few months in Bentonville AR, a corporate apartment can be exactly the thing that helps them work and travel in style. That’s because corporate housing is a home away from home. You get all the comfort and amenities you are used with and even more than this.

You will be able to enjoy much more living space than in a hotel room, you will have a kitchen, the necessary furniture and accessories, Wi-Fi, TV, as well as things on site, such as business centers, fitness centers, clubhouses,  etc.

And when it comes to the costs, you will realize that corporate housing Bentonville AR is actually affordable – much more affordable than renting a hotel room for the same time period.

When you can enjoy the comfort and peace of a home-like environment, your productivity will be at the level you expect it to be.