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If you are going to do a business travel and plan to travel with your pet, renting a corporate apartment may not be easy. Most facility managers argue that animals are noisy and cause damage when it comes to pets. But the truth is, even if some may not like it, animals are not worse than kids or than people in general.

Those who have had tenants so far know very well what significant losses there can be when a tenant is a difficult person, who does not take care of the apartment, or is self-entitled and does not educate their children to be calm and not cause damage.

Therefore, sometimes, the damage that pets can cause accidentally does not compare to the damage caused by an irresponsible tenant. Ultimately, if they want to, the owners could charge a fee for people traveling with their pets, and any damage could be repaired from this budget.

But as this does not happen, for now, you have to accept that some of the apartments in Bentonville AR are pet friendly, while others are not, and search until you find one belonging to the first category.

Ultimately, the main reason you might want to rent a pet-friendly apartment is to enjoy a welcoming environment for both you and your beloved creature.