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Things to Consider Choosing Apartments

Whether you want to make a career change and find the job market attractive in a new city such as Centerton or Bentonville, AR, or you have to move away from home for various reasons, finding a temporary place to live is a complex step.

Corporate apartments are located close to city centers, business areas, and tourist attractions. They are modern, nicely decorated, and offer you an environment similar to the one in your own home.

The price of renting a corporate apartment

As with other types of units available for rent, it depends on where you are staying, how long, the time of the year, and the kind of apartment you need. Usually, a corporate apartment or studio will be more expensive than renting an unfurnished apartment in the long run but cheaper than a hotel room.

However, when it comes to choosing between Centerton apartments and Bentonville, you should know that renting in Centerton is currently cheaper. The average rent in Centerton is $ 912 for a one-bedroom apartment and $ 1,061 for a two-bedroom apartment. On the other hand, in Bentonville, you will pay an average price of $ 1000 for one room and $ 1,136 for a two-bedroom apartment.