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Why renting apartments in Centerton AR is a great option

Are you ready to move into a new apartment community? Then consider Watercolors of Centerton apartments. This is a thriving community where you will find everything you need for a great apartment experience.

Here are just a few highlights:

  1. Close to Walmart Headquarters and other businesses

Walmart headquarters in Bentonville is very close to our apartments in Centerton AR. Imagine the convenience of living close to your workplace and not having to worry about long commutes or traffic. You can have more time in the morning, if you work at a physical location, and still make it to work on time with less miles to drive.

  1. Lots of Restaurants and Shopping Centers

When you finish work, you want convenient grocery stores and restaurants. You will find plenty of shopping and dining options, suitable for all tastes and preferences, in Centerton and in nearby Bentonville.

  1. Enjoy Plenty of Green Space

In Centerton, you can enjoy the green, vibrant look of nature, with parks and walking paths. It’s truly the best of a smaller city, with lots of opportunities to be active and to socialize.