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Everybody wants to take their best friend when traveling. But not all hotels accept pets. That’s why your best bet is to look for pet friendly apartments you can rent for a short term. There is a lot of places that accept pets, although some might have certain rules that govern special places for them to do their business or which rooms they can enter in the apartment. In any case, this may be your best shot if you want your pet to join you on your trip.

Looking for pet friendly apartments has a lot of other advantages as well. For instance, if the owner of the apartment allows pets, then he or she usually is a pet owner. That means there is bound to be a lot of toys or even treats for your friends laying around. That’s because pet owners understand how difficult it can be sometimes to travel with your animal companions and will want to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Also, looking for pet friendly apartments can help you discover a lot of other things about the place you are visiting. For instance, you can find out where the local hang-out spots for people with pets are located. Also, you might discover places, such as cafes and restaurants, that accept pets inside. All you have to do is research.