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lease short or long term apartments 

Renting a new apartment means a new beginning for you and your family. Since it is the place you will call home for a few years, you must know all the relevant details about the property and rental conditions before you make a decision.


Here are a few things to ask during the initial inquiry:


  1. Is It a Fixed-Term Lease?

Some landlords only lease properties for a fixed term – at least 1 year. Others do not set a end of lease date, leaving both parties (landlord and tenant) the option to send an end of lease notification.  The short term rentals Bentonville Arkansas has offer great terms in leasing options.


  1. Are Utilities Included in the Rent Price?

This is something you must know from the start, in order to calculate you budget accurately. If the rent does not contain utilities fees, your next question must be: how much do utilities cost, on the average?


  1. What Is Your Pet Policy?

Many families have pets, especially dogs and cats. However, not all landlords allow pets in their apartments. If they do, you will most likely have to pay a pet deposit, apart from the security deposit, together with the first rent.


  1. Can I Sublet a Room?

Young people usually rent an apartment then realize that they cannot handle all the costs and find a friend, college mate or work colleague to sublet a room. Make sure that the landlord allows this before you rent the apartment.