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When you want to move into a new apartment building, there are a lot of problems that could arise. The building might require a lot of repairs, or maybe you’ll have to invest into buying your own water heater. Also, there could be issues with some of the other tenants that aren’t very visible and noticeable, unless you take a good look.


One of the main things to look for is mold buildup and any evidence that the building is not being maintained properly. Are the faucets leaking? Maybe there are small holes or cracks in the wall that could be a clue that there might be mice. Voice all these concerns to the property manager and see if they are transparent about them or if they avoid the issue. That can already tell you a lot.


Another thing you need to look for is any evidence that the tenants might cause problems that you don’t want to deal with. For example, if the area is dirty or you notice broken windows as you walk up the stairs to visit the apartment, or if you see that the trash hasn’t been collected for a long time, that can also raise a few red flags.


Finally, check to see if the lights are working and if the intercom is operational. Seemingly small details like that can carry a lot of weight when you’re expected to actually live in a building with a lot of other strangers.  There are great apartment choices like Watercolors of Centerton that you should look at before deciding where to rent.