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Corporate housing refers to the type of housing service which is fully equipped and which can be rented for a short period of time. The average staying period ranges from one to several months. This means that it usually takes longer than the typical business trip.

This type of housing is usually located in apartments or condos. Nevertheless, depending on the local market, single-family homes can also be available. It is essential to note here the fact that the term does not only refer to the physical space which is being rented, but also to the whole bunch of services implied in the renting process.

Travelers were the first category of corporate housing users. Nowadays, however, the range of users was expanded to business owners, company employees, and so on. In fact, among the main industries which use furnished corporate housing we could mention: entertainment –stage performers, filming crews, etc.; healthcare industry, including medical researchers and nurses; consultants, military and government employees, auditors, contracted programmers, and so on.

Much in the same way as a house or an apartment, corporate housing provides a high level of privacy and comfort. And it is often located in residential settings, which is another convenient feature.  It’s always best to look for furnished apartments near me when looking to live close to your work for a matter of convenience.