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Apartment living might seem like it’s difficult, especially during lockdown. However, you’ll see that finding one of the apartments for rent can still be extremely fun and fulfilling, as long as you are proactive and you use your imagination and creativity in determining how to use your space as efficiently as possible:


  • Start by determining what your main activities are and where you like to perform them. According to your list, you might consider rearranging the layout of your furniture, getting rid of certain items or ordering new shelves for books, DVDs and other items that you want to have easy access to.
  • Create a distraction-free space for your work and another one for relaxation, meditation and prayer or any other soothing activities you might have lined up. You’ll find that despite your apartment’s small size, this approach will make it feel like you’re in entirely different worlds depending on which activity you are performing.
  • Put together some multi-functional places and items to save space. For instance, these days you’ll find a lot of desk/drawer combinations that are extremely in vogue. Smaller ones can be used by children to have all their school work, books and toys properly organized and neatly stacked within the same piece of furniture for easy access.