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Luxury Apartment Bentonville

For those who have not yet made contact with the short-term rental options, it must be said that an important aspect is related to the luxury that is more accessible than ever.

If you have certain requirements, in a hotel room, for example, you will pay extra money. Charging people according to the facilities they need is not a new practice. But when it comes to short term rentals, the price is standard per apartment, including all the necessary facilities for a space where you can live, work and relax.

In order to fully understand what the facilities are about, here are some examples:

  • Air conditioning
  • Internet connection
  • State-of-the-art TV
  • All the necessary appliances in a home
  • Dishes and lingerie plus hotel cosmetics
  • Security and cleaning provided weekly etc.

Perhaps some of these are usually included in the list of options for almost all the classic rentals within the hotels. But when you can have all these in the same offer, that`s luxury already! In fact, that`s where you can see what short term rental actually means, offering you a complex home-like environment, plus other services typical to a hotel.

The interior design cannot be ignored either, especially since it creates your first impression. The luxury apartments Bentonville is home to are not cramped, but bright and spacious, able to provide all the comfort you need and even more than this. They have an interior design that follows modern principles, being all renovated and perfectly functional.