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Among the many criteria that a tenant usually has in mind while choosing his/her rental we could also include the option of renting with or without pets. In other words, it is essential to know if pets are truly allowed in your new apartment, and which apartments for rent are safe to choose from this point of view.

Even in the case of pet-friendly apartments, it is important to be aware of the fact that the landlord can allow only a limited number of pets, or may be more restrictive towards the exact type of pets which can be kept in the rented place. This choice is based on the amount of damage that a certain pet can make in a rented apartment.

If you want to make sure there will be no misunderstandings in the future, one good approach could be that of letting the owner get familiar with your pet. This way you can clearly determine whether your pet will be accepted in the house you intend on renting, or if you need to find another solution.

You can expect the landlord to ask questions about your pet’s medical history, or if there were any previous complaints about your pet.