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Most Popular Furnished Apartments Short Term Rentals


There are two types of furnished short term rentals that you can consider when you search for options in the Bentonville area: renting an apartment located in a building destined for short term rentals, or opting for corporate housing.

Furnished short term rentals Bentonville Arkansas offers are an extremely popular option, especially for tourists and business travelers. These units are fully furnished and available for temporary rental. People staying in such apartments only need food and a suitcase with their clothes.

Average stays in such units range from 1 to 7 days, but they can be longer, especially in the case of extended business trips.

What is perhaps less well-known about these furnished short term rentals is that, although they have emerged as housing options for company employees, they have quickly become extremely popular with tourists, students, and people looking for short-term housing while moving. One of the reasons short term rentals in Bentonville are in high demand is that the units are usually very well equipped with everything you need to enjoy a comfortable stay. They often include parking and various amenities, and are also centrally located to facilitate access to points of interest.