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Living in an apartment can be great. However, with many of us being stuck in lockdowns, the place can seem rather cramped and boring sometimes. So it’s a good idea to spice things up and get creative with using your relatively limited space, even if your apartment is somewhat larger than usual.


Having just a few rooms at your disposal can be difficult if you just moved to the city from a house in the country a couple of years ago, and you were faced with COVID-19 right off the bat. Fortunately, there are ways to make apartment living extremely enjoyable, even if you already found a few methods to make it livable during lockdown.


One thing you can do is plant flowers, herbs and even various crops. Turn your balcony into a flower sanctuary, add a lot of potted plants to your room to increase oxygen levels, or even plant some crops that you can later use for food.


Another approach is in managing the layout of your bedroom and living room. While you might not like the idea of becoming a minimalist, it’s good to maximize the practical use of all your furniture items and electronics. For instance, you can put together tables and desks to form a Matrix-like computer and technology center that you can use for work and entertainment depending on which side of it you approach.


Finally, keep a large area free of any furniture or other items. Here you can exercise, use the area for fun activities with your kids, or even use it as a medium for creating unique artwork.

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