If your career requires traveling, there is no problem finding furnished apartments for your stay, regardless your location. However, if you also have a pet that travels with you, things get more complicated, because there are not so many pet-friendly options.

You will have to do a research on pet friendly furnished apartments and be prepared for some extra expenses, as they are typically located in full-service buildings, with different amenities. You will most certainly be required to pay a non-refundable pet fee and you may also need to pay an extra security deposit (that`s because pets are unpredictable and there is a higher potential for damage).

Just keep in mind that “pet-friendly” doesn’t always mean that you can bring with you any pet. Some of these furnished apartment buildings have restrictions when it comes to some breeds, as well as the size and weight of the animal, so make sure you ask about all these details before showing up with your pet.

There are websites that make your search for pet friendly furnished apartments easier, allowing you to search for rental options available all over the country, or recommending facilities where your pet will also be welcomed.